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Our company has been in existence since 1970 as a joint stock company and is specialized in the manufacture of suppressor chokes, wound products and subassemblies. In the year 1999 a new factory was also provided over 1,500 m2 groove surface. In the year 2001 the assumption of an industrial agency took place.

Suppressor chokes

In this manufacturing field, batch sizes of up to 5 million pieces are produced. Because of our flexible manufacturing procedures, however, we can also produce small batch quantities per model.

Wound products

A substantial part of our wound products are sensor coils, which can be supplied in any version required. Materials such as back-varnished wires of 0,010 to 2,0 mm as well HF stranded wires of 5x0,04 up to 160x0,07 with silk covering are continually processed.


Among these are printed circuit boards and complete system components, such as, for example: Coils in circuits on printed circuit boards -Complete sensor elements -Printed boards with components installed.


As a manufacturer, we are very conscious of our responsibility as a supplier of electrical components and sub-assemblies. This responsibility has been – and is taken into account by the introduction of a quality management system in accordance with SN EN ISO 9001 and with the implementation of the total quality management philosophy.

Production Switzerland

In Switzerland we manufacture all products fully automatic. Specialties and special productions are likewise produced in Switzerland.

Production in Tunisia

By the transfer of a part of the production to Tunisia, in year 1996, we are in a position to produce large production batches optimally. The employees in that country are continually trained and work according to the same K+F quality standards. The partner company is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 et ISO 14001









Radiohm products are sold through the Group's commercial companies and distributors located in main European countries as well as the USA. Each office maintains direct contact with each of Radiohm's production facilities; managing its assigned domestic market with its own sales and technical assistance organisations. Developing close and co-operative relationships with local customers is an important key to maintaining local market share. For the development of new products; a market research structure within the commercial organisation, identifies customer requirements, the industry's technological direction, and supplies planning.

• Current Compensated Chokes
• Saturable Chokes
• Power Inductors Universal Application
• Earth Line Chokes
• Storage Chokes
• Driver Transformers
• Pulse & Power Line Modem & Current Sense Transformers
• General Purpose Power Switching Transformers
• SMPS Transformers Lighting Application
• ISDN Chokes and Interface Transformers










Ristra established in 1985 and developed in the nineties from a supplier of circuit boards, control-transformers and toroidal transformers to a full-line provider of inductive components. Chokes, current transformer, transformer and HF-transformers are offered in SMD-versions as well as in high current design for power electronics.

Ristra´s experiences in assembling and design over many years from the basis for an individual production of winding components. Due to an advanced production technology these offer products are absolutely competitive on the world market.













Viking Tech was established in October 1997 at Hsin-Chu Science-Based Industrial Park, Taiwan, as the leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of Thin- Film /Thick-Film integrated passive devices and discrete resistors and inductors. market continues to demand further miniaturization of passive components.  Existing surface mount technology is not able to completely meet market requirements.  Viking Tech has an experienced R&D team that is focused on using thin film technologies for RF components and module development.  In order to meet the demands for higher frequencies and continued miniaturization, Viking combines the technical advantages of thin film processes and low cost of thick film processes to develop unique Precision Resistors, Current Sensing Resistors and RF inductors.  Viking has quickly become one of leading manufacturers of ultra-precision resistors, manufacturing tolerances down to 0.01% tolerance and TCR’s down to 5 ppm. With leading edge technology and competitive costs, the demand for Viking products has grown rapidly.  With an aggressive capital investment plan to increase capacity, Viking continues to offer the shortest lead-times in the market.  We have an aggressive global expansion plan, utilizing reps and distributors in many major electronics’ markets…and in 2005, we introduced Viking Tech North America to service the North American market.

Our vision is to be a leader in design, manufacturing, and marketing of miniature key components in 3C industries.

Our Mission is to utilize our State-Of-The-Art Thin Film/ Thick Film technologies and RF design capabilities to meet “High Precision”, “Miniature” and “High Frequency”

Inductor;  RF, Power, Ferrite, DipPower